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Cerridwen Fallingstar has been teaching classes in Wicca, Shamanism and Personal Development since 1976.  Her capacity to transmit knowledge, help people achieve shamanic states and elicit the best from her students is profound. Cerridwen has broom, will travel.  Call her about organizing a workshop in your city.


A Year & A Day Apprenticeship


Apprenticeship Program with Cerridwen Fallingstar

The Year & A Day program is for those of you who know that you want to explore a shamanic path and are ready for a guide who can take you farther and deeper than you have gone alone. There will be other events available for beginners. This is advanced work. To be in this program will require courage, commitment, and integrity.

The shamanic Witchcraft I offer is not limited to traditional Celtic-European Wicca. We live in a marvelous melting cauldron and my techniques are derived from all of my studies and explorations, which include Tantra, Taoism, Reiki, Zen, Kundalini Yoga, Native American, African-Carribean and New Age teachings. As a friend of mine once said, “I practice Witchcraft exactly as my ancestors did 60,000 years ago-I make it up.” My goal is not just to transmit information to you but to develop your trust in your own intuition and inspiration so that you can ‘make up’ an effective, sacred, spiritual- magical path which-like the willow from which Witchcraft is named-will be strong enough and flexible enough to support and enrich you throughout your whole life. By the end of this training you will be proficient in creating sacred space, sensing, raising and directing energy, and journeying (trancework). You will be grounded in the earth, centered within yourself, your core, your essence. You will know yourself far more deeply. You will have acquired powerful allies. Mysteries and secrets will have been transmuted into knowledge and skills.

Highlights of the Program

Ritual: How to create powerful, effective ritual utilizing such techniques as breath-work, trance, chanting, movement and art. How to raise and direct power toward specific outcomes and seasonal celebrations.
The Elements of Magic: The elemental powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth correspond to the human powers of spirit, will, heart and body. The shaman must be able to evoke and invoke a balance of these qualities. We will explore the particular styles of magic each of the elements has to offer.
Group Bonding: How to work within a committed group to potentiate each other into our fullest power. Like love, power multiplies and intensifies as it is shared, and group-mind is a mirror which is an invaluable tool for deepening self-knowledge. Experience the power that a coven has to offer.
Reincarnation: We will explore our vast multi- dimensional selves through time-travel, reclaiming our strength and wisdom. We will also experience our personal Goddess/God archetypes.
Psychic Development: You will be introduced to scrying, tarot, pendulum work, energy sensing, hands-on healing and healing at a distance.
Contact with the Dreamtime: We all have unseen allies, friends in the spirit world who can guide and assist us on our path. these allies-including our animal totems and our spirit parents- will become real and accessible as a result of this course. You will develop an internal ‘Place of Power’ which will serve as a wellspring of inspiration and a contact point with hidden realms. You will also learn to balance and make use of your chakras and your inner family of male and female, older and younger selves.
Emotional Release and Clearing: How to transform what we think of as ‘negative’ emotions into pure energy.
Fun!: In Goddess traditions, Isis states, “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.” The universe is both sacred and hilarious and the pleasures and dilemmas of being human especially so. While magic requires our seriousness and devotion, humor and silliness are integral parts of enlightenment.

How to Apply
Please write a one to seven page letter describing your spiritual journey thus far and your dreams of what you would like to create and receive in your ideal apprenticeship program. Include a brief description of your most significant awakenings or turning points, any psychic abilities you are aware of, how you perceive yourself and your truest destiny. What is your path with heart? Write more from your feelings than your intellect. Magic begins with desire, with feeling. Please include a recent picture of yourself and your birth date and time. If you have any questions, call for clarification. Required Reading before the first class: The Spiral Dance by Starhawk and The Heart of the Fire by Cerridwen Fallingstar

Your Commitment
Your tuition is $125 per 12 hour session, $1925 total for the year. This covers all instruction, materials, and room rental. A $300 non-refundable deposit is due before the first class begins. Beginning on April 23rd, 2016, each of the 13 sessions will take place on a Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Bring food and drink for potluck lunch and supper. Your commitment is for the full year and a day, the traditional time required for Wiccan apprenticeship.

Please use this link below to make your $300 non-refundable deposit:


During the apprenticeship program, private sessions with Cerridwen will be available at a reduced rate.

For information on classes, rituals and private sessions facilitated by Cerridwen Fallingstar, or to set up workshops and lectures in your area, contact Cerridwen at: Cerridwen Fallingstar P. O. Box 282 San Geronimo, CA 94963 • Telephone (415) 310-2155

Rites of Passage for Young Women

FairieEvery ancient culture has rites of passage for pubescent youth, rites which transform girls into women and boys into men. In cultures which lack rituals to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood, the young people devise their own. In our culture kids often turn to drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, unsafe driving and premature sexual contact as a means of proving themselves worthy of the title ‘adult’. Cerridwen Fallingstar combines traditional wisdom with modern awareness in a humorous, honest, supportive series of classes to provide a comprehensive and appropriate rites of passage experience for young women. This after school course, rich in information, insight, and practical tools for self empowerment will ease the transition from girl to woman. The course consists of eight, two hour classes. Each class will begin with everyone sitting in a circle, participating in an informal exchange of information, with plenty of time for discussion and questions. Classes include: Real Beauty, Moon Cycles/Menstruation, Working with Energy, Sexuality, Finding Your Power, and concludes with a Rite of Passage. Cerridwen Fallingstar has taught workshops on issues of spiritual growth and personal empowerment for 30 years. She also has a counseling practice. She has developed many rituals for significant rites of passage, including birth, weddings, funerals, initiations and coming of age celebrations. She has raised a fine son to adulthood and has taught kids of different ages. She possesess a Master’s Degree, a teaching credential, and an easy rapport with young people.

Cerridwen-leaning-rockIMG_2465-800Earth & Sky:
The Magic and Mystery of Scotland

Earth and Sky is an extraordinary metaphysical tour exploring the most powerful sacred sites in Scotland.

This is not a tour to see the sights. This is a journey to reach the heights – and the depths – of what souls in bodies can experience. This is inspirational hands-on magic that can alter the course of your life.

If you have a strong connection with Scotland and with Celtic Magic, and desire to bring your spirit and body into harmony and union, this is a trip you cannot afford to miss.

On this tour we will do magic to unite the expansive visionary qualities of the starry sky with the nurturing energies of the earth.

The Place: Our journey will take us to the standing stone circles in the Orkneys and to Callanish in the outer Hebrides, concluding with the isle of Iona and its powerful healing energy.

Cerridwen Fallingstar Facilitator

Cerridwen is an experienced shaman devoted to synthesizing the best of the old ways with the new age, creating magic, ritual, and relationships that work. She is a professional psychic and spiritual teacher who is adept at creating sacred space–within the stone circles, and within the circle of each participant’s heart. She is the author of The Heart of the Fire, a past-life novel about Witchcraft set 16th century Scotland., and White as Bone, Red as Blood, her newest past-life novel set in 12th century Japan. With 30 years of experience as a shamanic Wiccan Priestess, Cerridwen is an ideal guide for renewing our connection with the Earth mysteries so vital for personal and planetary healing. Cerridwen will create rituals to facilitate the reunion of earth and sky, male and female, past and future, inner and outer, Goddess and God.

Natural Parenting Workshop


Parenting can be easy, and ecstatic, deepening us into our intimacy and love, grounding us in our wisdom and power.

We will use techniques including guided meditation, emotional release work, role-playing, and ritual.

Parents will be guided out of crisis management and denial, and shift into creative, cooperative forms of living which empower children and parents alike.

1 Day Workshop $90 single/$125 couple

PLUS 6 Week follow-up Support Classes $10 each

Topics include: Resolving Guilt and Conditioning, Building Communication Skills, Setting Limits, Diet and Nutrition, Family Meetings, Magic with Children, Choice, Freedom, and Fun.

Continuing Saga: Aging, Wisdom, and Power 

A Day-long Workshop and Ritual for Women

With Cerridwen Fallingstar

In the Scandinavian language, a saga is a female sage.  It is also an epic story.  As we age, each of us is the star, the icon, of our own ‘continuing saga’. 

In our culture, most women fear growing/looking old more than they fear death. For a woman to age—and therefore to come into her true power, to distill to her deepest essence—is taboo in our modern world. 

But in earth-centered cultures, elder women are revered as avatars of the Crone, the most powerful aspect of the Goddess. In such traditional societies, elder women are considered wise and powerful, valued leaders, spiritual advisors. Elder men are equally valued as guides and teachers. As the flavor of fruit intensifies as it dries and wrinkles, an aged person is not seen as frail or helpless, but as potent and powerful.

Useless older or wise elder?  The choice is ours.  Age can be the great liberator, the time when it becomes obvious that there is nothing to be lost, and everything to be gained by harvesting the rich fruit of our hard-won wisdom and sharing it with our communities.

Where there is fear, there is power.  To become elders of power and influence will take courage and determination.  All ages are welcome to gather at this workshop honoring their Saga, to ritually celebrate and reclaim the wisdom journey that waits inside each of us. 


Continuing Saga: Aging, Wisdom, and Power

The evening talk will be an entertaining lecture on the taboo of aging—particularly for women—it’s origins, how to combat it, archetypes and beliefs from ancient cultures which honor the elders. We will discuss ways to antidote our fears around this time of life, and embrace the power and potency of this stage.


Afternoon One: Journey to Meet the Wise One Within

The first afternoon, we will share more information about powerful archetypes that we can use as role models. Then we will go on a guided journey to talk to our inner Wise Old Woman (and Wise Old Man if we have men in the workshop).


Afternoon Two: Transforming Our Fears into Power

The second afternoon we will choose archetypal images from a selection of tarot cards, one for every attachment that keeps us from our power, makes us afraid to age. After meditating on them, we cut cords (black yarn) representing our fears and bury or burn the cords, reclaiming our power.


Afternoon Three: Celebrating Our Wisdom

The third afternoon we will again choose archetypal images, this time focusing on what we love/look forward to about growing older. We talk about the type of elder we want to/choose to be. Then we do a brief ritual welcoming those over 56 to their time of wisdom. Each elder has a chance to share some of their wisdom with the rest of us.

It’s no exaggeration to say that apprenticing with Cerridwen in 1995 changed my life… it actually EXPLODED my life in the best possible way and for the best possible outcome. My time with Cerridwen was profoundly transformational, and the lessons I learned about my power and strength as a witch and a woman are still reverberating in my life to this day. All that I experienced laid a foundation deep in my soul that has guided me for the past 20 years and will help me navigate any storms that will come in the future.

RhiannonMarch 24, 2016

“Loved the program, learned a lot, traveled far internally, journeyed to different worlds.”  

RAK - Medical device engineer

March 24, 2016