What People Are Saying

Being an apprentice of Cerridwen amped up my life in many ways, primarily being present to hear what is always around us, and journey inward to our sacredness, honoring ourselves, nature and our ancestors — all contributors to our well being and existence. To study with Cerridwen is magical. Carry on and cast!

Karen ParisiPast ApprenticeMarch 24, 2016

Cerridwen’s apprenticeship program is powerfully transformative, in truly unexpected ways. Be prepared for fun, personal growth, adventure, and empowerment, as well as the magical and shamanic education of a lifetime. 

A. Victoria, writerMarch 24, 2016

“Loved the program, learned a lot, traveled far internally, journeyed to different worlds.”  

RAK – Medical device engineer.March 24, 2016

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Cerridwen Fallingstar’s year long apprenticeship program. It was far beyond what I ever imagined and pulled back the veil of the seeming mundane and showed me in a very experiential way how to be enveloped by magic. Since completing the program it has fueled all aspects of my life, relationships and career. This program shows you how magic can not only be a blast, but how it can allow you to live more intelligently in the world!”

James DiRito, acupuncturistMarch 24, 2016

“Cerridwen’s apprenticeship program was soul food for me. It came right at the exact moment I needed it in my life. Even though I had been initiated first degree in another tradition, this was an opportunity to go deeper and explore my shamanic abilities even more. The experience was personal, magical and transformative. There were many occasions were I knew it was changing me for the better. I highly recommend this program. Plus, Cerridwen is awesome!”

Marie SammonsDirector of Business Development, Systems Integration SolutionsMarch 24, 2016

“I was in Cerridwen’s first apprenticeship group over 20 years ago and it changed my life in so many ways! I learned about how to do ritual, how to work with others, how to appreciate diversity of thought and personality, how to love myself and my body in a new way, how to laugh with my whole belly, and how to see the magic in all things. If you have a bit of faerie in you, if you are looking for a nature-based way to pray, or you would simply like to explore how spirit lives in all things, I wholeheartedly recommend apprenticing with Cerridwen. And, this may be the last year she is offering an apprenticeship, so don’t wait!”

S.A.EducatorMarch 24, 2016

It’s no exaggeration to say that apprenticing with Cerridwen in 1995 changed my life… it actually EXPLODED my life in the best possible way and for the best possible outcome. My time with Cerridwen was profoundly transformational, and the lessons I learned about my power and strength as a witch and a woman are still reverberating in my life to this day. All that I experienced laid a foundation deep in my soul that has guided me for the past 20 years and will help me navigate any storms that will come in the future.

RhiannonMarch 24, 2016

Intelligence quotient tests don’t yet measure magical aptitude. When they are designed to do so, Cerridwen Fallingstar would undoubtedly fly off the charts. Her magical genius is highly inspiring, profoundly creative, and intensely transformative!! While participating in her Year and A Day apprenticeship program I was also working on my doctorate in transpersonal psychology. During that time, I evolved the most on all levels through Cerridwen’s most generous wisdom and insightful guidance– a true professor of all things pagan.

Dr. Meghan LewisIntegrative Perinatal and Somatic TherapistMarch 24, 2016

One of my greatest life changing experiences.

Todd Mathews-WesterlundMarch 24, 2016