Cerridwen Fallingstar


Cerridwen Fallingstar

Cerridwen Fallingstar has been teaching classes in Wicca, Shamanism and personal development since 1976. Her capacity to transmit knowledge, help people achieve shamanic states and elicit the best from her students is profound. Cerridwen has broom, will travel.  Call her about organizing a workshop in your city.




Private Counseling Sessions

I offer three primary modalities for my private counseling sessions: divination, trance-work (also known as hypnotherapy), and soul retrieval. Sessions are suitable for individuals, couples, or family members working together.



My primary tool for divination counseling sessions is tarot.  I offer a choice of three decks; the Rider-Waite, Mother Peace, or the Voyager deck. Sometimes I also look at my client’s hands to see what additional information palmistry may bring to the situation. A reading provides the same sort of support and insights provided by standard counseling with a few differences.  The structure of using cards provides a mythic, archetypal framework from which to see and more deeply understand the patterns of your life.  It provides visual references that touch the ‘younger self’ in a way that words alone cannot reach. While a reading usually reinforces what people already ‘know’, deep inside, sometimes it also contains information about the future, giving my clients vital time to plan and prepare. My clients usually say that a reading with me is like six months of therapy.



Trance-work, also known as journey-work, or hypnotherapy, is the fast-track for personal growth.  It is the best tool I know for serious transformation. Hypnosis helps the seeker move past the defense mechanisms of the conscious into the unconscious (I prefer to call it the deep conscious) rapidly, with permanent results. It is great for dismantling phobias, getting to the bottom of addiction, releasing post-traumatic stress, and enhancing spiritual and psychological evolution.  Hypnosis, an ancient shamanic tool, takes you quickly to the core of any issue, unraveling trauma, re-energizing our power, and rediscovering our unique gifts. My specialty is past-life exploration.


Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a shamanic technique in which the shaman and the client lie side by side, and the shaman, with her allies, descends to the lower world to search for any parts of her client’s spirit which may have been ‘lost’ or frozen, in addition to bringing back allies and totem animals who may wish to assist the seeker in some way. The theory is that trauma causes people to ‘split off’ various aspects of themselves, a protective mechanism which may aid survival in that moment, but which later leads to a sense of being shut-down, incomplete, or simply not as present and competent in the world as they would like.  A soul retrieval symbolically restores these missing parts to the seeker’s psyche, leaving them feeling more whole and resourceful, more ‘themselves’.