Cerridwen Fallingstar interviewed by GoodNewsBroadcast 

A Halloween treat speaking to a real witch. Cerridwen Fallingstar is one of the country’s leading authorities on Witchcraft, Shamanism and Pagan Rituals. A popular media guest, she has appeared on CNN, the Oxygen Channel, and TV programs in major markets across the country. She’ll also be featured in an upcoming program on comparative religion on the Discovery Channel. She has been interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines and has published hundreds of articles, poems, and short stories in a variety of periodicals.

Cerridwen’s newest book is a historical novel set in the 12th century Japan, White as Bone, Red as Blood, which discusses the shamanic traditions of Shinto during the most pivotal thirty years of Japanese history. Her previous book The Heart of the Fire, a historical novel about witchcraft set in the 16th century Scotland, has sold 20,000 copies so far.

Her credentials include two Bachelor’s degrees from Beloit College, a Master’s Degree in English from UCLA, and a Ministerial License. A well-known teacher of metaphysical and shamanic studies, Cerridwen has taught in venues all over North America and also leads spiritual journeys to sacred sites throughout the world.