Dancing With Gaia Documentary

Jo Carson’s documentary “Dancing With Gaia” explores the connection between earth energy, sacred sexuality, and the earth seen as the Goddess, or “Gaia”. The film takes viewers throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and the US. to visit sacred sites of ancient earth-centered religions, such as Ireland’s Newgrange, Turkey’s Catal Huyuk, and the Goddess Temples of Malta. We meet fifteen visionaries who explain how to release conditioning that keeps us from experiencing the earth as part of our own body, and provide tools to begin personally feeling the life of the planet.
Among the speakers are Monica Sjoo, co-author of “The Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth”, Francesca DeGrandis, founder of Faerie Nation and author of “Be A Goddess!”, geomancy teacher Richard Feather Anderson, Cerridwen Fallingstar, author of “The Heart of the Fire”, Joan Marler, editor of Marija Gimbutas’ “The Civilization of the Goddess”, and Fred Adams, visionary founder of the early pagan group, Feraferia.