Experience 50 Podcast with Mary Rogers

Crone Time

Seeing the symbols in nature, recognizing patterns in life’s events, these are some of the special gifts that older women find themselves mastering after 50. Cerridwen Fallingstar, 67, has been teaching her spiritual practice for over 40 years. We are just beginning to see our talents and gifts at 50!

In this episode, Cerridwen shares a sampling of stories from her new memoir (May 12, 2020), Broth from the Cauldron: A Wisdom Journey through Everyday Magic, all of which share a life lesson that you can take as your own.

About my guest, Cerridwen Fallingstar:


Cerridwen Fallingstar is a shamanic Witch and Priestess who has taught classes in magic and ritual for over forty years. She gives lectures tying together psychology, spirituality, history, contemporary issues, and politics in an entertaining, enlightening, and humorous format. She has founded three covens and an organization called Earth Rite which offered public rituals to her Northern California community for over a dozen years. She worked closely with Starhawk during the early years of Reclaiming, a Wiccan ritual, and teaching organization based in San Francisco.

Since childhood, Cerridwen has had the ability to enter alternate realms and distant times at will through her use of shamanic trance (hypnosis). Her past-life book, The Heart of the Fire, a historical novel about Witchcraft set in 16th century Scotland has sold 20,000 copies in two printings. She published her second past-life novel, titled White as Bone, Red as Blood: The Fox Sorceress in August 2009. This novel is set in 12th century Japan and details the clash between the Heike and Genji clans which ushered in the Samurai period. The second novel in this series, White as Bone, Red as Blood: The Storm God came out in 2011.

Cerridwen has worked as a journalist for alternative publications and has published hundreds of columns, articles, and short stories, some of which have been anthologized. She has been interviewed extensively by print, radio, and television media and is featured in the documentary Dancing with Gaia.

She has two Bachelor’s degrees from Beloit College and a Master’s degree from U.C.L.A. Cerridwen offers a wide variety of classes, including a year-long Apprenticeship Program. She also works as a professional psychic, offering readings and hypnotherapy. Her non-fiction book, Broth from the Cauldron, is essentially a ‘Wiccan Soup for the Soul,” is a collection of teaching stories in the tradition of Kitchen Table Wisdom, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  It is being published by She Writes Press in May of 2020.  A second non-fiction collection of stories, Rocket in my Pocket is a humor memoir of growing through in the 1960’s Aerospace industry into the sexual revolution, will be next.