Rites of Passage for Young Women

FairieEvery ancient culture has rites of passage for pubescent youth, rites which transform girls into women and boys into men. In cultures which lack rituals to bridge the gap between childhood and adulthood, the young people devise their own. In our culture kids often turn to drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, unsafe driving and premature sexual contact as a means of proving themselves worthy of the title ‘adult’. Cerridwen Fallingstar combines traditional wisdom with modern awareness in a humorous, honest, supportive series of classes to provide a comprehensive and appropriate rites of passage experience for young women. This after school course, rich in information, insight, and practical tools for self empowerment will ease the transition from girl to woman. The course consists of eight, two hour classes. Each class will begin with everyone sitting in a circle, participating in an informal exchange of information, with plenty of time for discussion and questions. Classes include: Real Beauty, Moon Cycles/Menstruation, Working with Energy, Sexuality, Finding Your Power, and concludes with a Rite of Passage. Cerridwen Fallingstar has taught workshops on issues of spiritual growth and personal empowerment for 30 years. She also has a counseling practice. She has developed many rituals for significant rites of passage, including birth, weddings, funerals, initiations and coming of age celebrations. She has raised a fine son to adulthood and has taught kids of different ages. She possesess a Master’s Degree, a teaching credential, and an easy rapport with young people.