The War on Halloween

Time humor columnist Joel Stein interviewed me about ‘The War on Halloween’ for his column this week in Time magazine.  The result is charming and hilarious. You can pick up a copy (Nov. 4th with Prince Charles on the cover) or keep on reading:

Japanese Shamanism: Ancient and Alive

Japanese Shamanism: Ancient and Alive
by Cerridwen Fallingstar
“The Queendom of Wa is ruled entirely by sorceresses.”  This assertion by a 3rd century Chinese document is the first written record referring to Japan.  Of course, every culture, world-wide, has arisen and evolved from its own Pagan-magical spiritual traditions.  But unique among modern industrialized countries, Japan has kept its original Shamanic tradition, Shinto, as its dominant religion.
Shinto comes from the Chinese words ‘shen’ meaning deity, and ‘tao’ meaning path or way.  In Japan, it is referred to as ‘kami-no-michi’, the way of the kami.  Kami means deity, but it [...]

Inari; Power of The Fox

–Cerridwen Fallingstar
“Foxy Lady!”…Jimi Hendrix
“I am the fox.  You may not always see me.  But I always see you.”…Z. Demers, at age 9.

The fox materialized out of the pine trees and mist and stared at us.  We stared back, mesmerized at its ghostly form.  A swath of mist swirled between us and the fox and the fox…evaporated.  Our experience in Yosemite with a fox was not an unusual sort of encounter with this elusive, mysterious creature, which is why the fox represents sorcery in many cultures.
In Japan, the fox is messenger, totemic [...]