At this time of year, with a mix of sorrow and satisfaction, I murmur to myself, “Well, it’s been another fine year at the Witch Hatchery.”

This means my last year’s apprentices, in this case the elegantly named Betwixtian Frog Queens, are ready to take wing (broom) and fly.  I will miss them terribly, yet already a new group of apprentices is coalescing and the cauldron is beginning to simmer once more.

While teaching independent-minded Witches and Pagans can best be likened to herding cats, I’ll take cats over sheep any day.  Each group–the next one will be my twenty-second–has its own unique personality and flavor, as different from one another as licorice is to vanilla is to cinnamon.  Are you part of next year’s flavor?

Ever fresh, ever-renewing, my students are my teachers, and they have taught me well. I am now interviewing for my next program, which begins April 26th 2014. If you have been considering this course, don’t hesitate–I am reaching retirement age. Check out my website at www.cerridwenfallingstar for more information.

A bath in Cerridwen’s cauldron will bring you the transformation you need. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Witches,

Cerridwen Fallingstar

A Year & A Day

Apprenticeship Program with Cerridwen Fallingstar

The Year & A Day program is for those of you who know that you want to explore a shamanic path and are ready for a guide who can take you farther and deeper than you have gone alone. There will be other events available for beginners. This is advanced work. To be in this program will require courage, commitment, and integrity.

The shamanic Witchcraft I offer is not limited to traditional Celtic-European Wicca. We live in a marvelous melting cauldron and my techniques are derived from all of my studies and explorations, which include Tantra, Taoism, Reiki, Zen, Kundalini Yoga, Native American, African-Carribean and New Age teachings. As a friend of mine once said, “I practice Witchcraft exactly as my ancestors did 60,000 years ago-I make it up.” My goal is not just to transmit information to you but to develop your trust in your own intuition and inspiration so that you can ‘make up’ an effective, sacred, spiritual- magical path which-like the willow from which Witchcraft is named-will be strong enough and flexible enough to support and enrich you throughout your whole life. By the end of this training you will be proficient in creating sacred space, sensing, raising and directing energy, and journeying (trancework). You will be grounded in the earth, centered within yourself, your core, your essence. You will know yourself far more deeply. You will have acquired powerful allies. Mysteries and secrets will have been transmuted into knowledge and skills. Read more: